Based in Kabul Afghanistan (BM Group Of Companies.) is a company in the business of Logistics, Fuels & Gas Supplies, IT Solutions and Construction contracting. The company was duly formed and incorporated as small association with 5000000/- USD Capital on February 2002 in Afghanistan, which was always eager to achieve the “Client Satisfaction is the found success” and to started more business, In Afghanistan where the economy, legal and fiscal systems are in state of flux a consensus has yet to develop on business standards has not been reached, therefore, (BM Group Of Companies.) is committed to leading the way in professional manner to build the best logistics Infrastructure for Afghanistan and provide its people with the state of the art international services. Without adequate logistics sustainable growth for Afghan economy as a whole is impossible. Thus, there is an urgent need for liable logistical infrastructure to improve the country economic competitiveness. Building stronger and more productive patterns of logistic would enable Government and business to remove physical barriers. (BM Group Of Companies.) Proposes, in conjunction with its International partners, to work with the Government to provide the highest quality, logistic services, IT solutions, networks, systems performance analyses, application engineering, customers training business development and support, supervision of network, project management services. We believe this will be a major source of revenue for the economy.( BM Group Of Companies) In order to provide state of the art services, is in the process of forming a joint venture company with reputable firms, particularly experienced in the Fix System and IT Services Along with our International partners we would undertake needs assessment to study and analyze the requirements for Logistical supplies, IT Solutions, Network Development etc… in order to provide our investors the shortest possible time to a sustainable growth.  Together with our International partners, our strengths are: Import and Export of Equipments with a low cost, advanced distribution, Network problem solving, IT Solutions, Training facilities, Vehicle sale / leasing & House leasing, Transportation, Construction Contracting, Fuels and Gas Supplies, capacity enhancement and training to ensure that the technical work is performed unhindered. We intend to become the leading service suppliers to government, business, and a special leader for community. Once the network is fully operational and becomes revenue generating, we would incorporate and train talented local personnel to further expand the company and increase the services offered. We intend to involve entrepreneurs, from all over Afghanistan, to share in our vision regardless of their ethnic background.

This is a vital undertaking when one considers the recent history of the country BM Group Of Companies.) Will integrate this in it operational program.( BM Group Of Companies.) Appreciates the responsibility that comes with its License, We are Afghan first and foremost dedicated to the rebuilding of our country. The (BM Group Of Companies.) family will employ creative people and include training programs which encourage employees, particularly women to grow with us    (BM Group Of Companies.) Also intends a campaign of “Your expert Partners” the main focus of our campaign is the people of Afghanistan especially children of Afghanistan, after all they are the ones who will inherit the country. (BM Group Of Companies..) Is building from the ground up, making the foundations solid to secure a prosperous, inclusive and future for the business and the people of Afghanistan.


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